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Why is the Handle Square?

A square handle with rounded edges actually provides a better grip than a round handle.  Most garden tools put a rotational force about the longitudinal axis of the handle (i.e. the handle has a tendency to twist in the hand). A ‘squared-off’ handle permits the operator to control the handle’s twisting tendency with a much lighter grip on it.


Form an open fist as shown above.  Notice how it makes a basically square opening – a perfect fit for a ‘squared-off’ handle.  The rounded edges on the handle prevents any excessive pressure points on the operator’s hands.  This means you can control the VersaTill with a light grip on the handle which results in much less fatigue.   This, in combination with a handle made of wood, assures a blister-free gardening experience – although some moderation while conditioning the hands may be required and gloves are always a good idea!

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