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Product Development

Our promise to you, the customer, is the tools we offer have been extensively field tested.   We do not sell gimmicks, or gadgets – only tools that will satisfy the serious gardener.

The first step in our product development is always to identify what a gardener needs to save, time, effort, or reduce fatigue, frustration, or drudgery.  Once a need is identified, a prototype is made and tested.  Inevitably, changes have to be made.  Once the tool is functioning properly and doing the job it was designed to do, the next development phase begins.  Now the tool must be designed so that it is easy and economical to manufacture and will be durable, dependable, and easy to assemble and use.  It must also be reasonably economical to ship.

To illustrate the development process, we have assembled the prototypes made and tested in the development of the VersaTill Bear Claw Attachment.  See the photo below and compare the prototypes to the final product in the middle of the photo.

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