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VersaTill Long Handle

Price: $27.90
Manufacturer: VersaTill

Long Handle

This handle is an essential part of the VersaTill System. It has a basically square shape for better control with less gripping force, which reduces operator strain and fatigue. It accepts an implement on each end. The implement on the operator end of the handle is off-set so that the “stand-by” implement is out of the way. It has tool positions for both ‘right-hand’ operation and ‘left-hand’ operation.

The handle is made of straight grain oak or ash and finished with hand rubbed boiled linseed oil. All attachment points are made of plated hardware that is securely attached and guaranteed to be ‘pull-out proof’.

It comes with an ‘on-board’ implement attachment tool which stores flush with the handle, where it is readily available wherever you may be. This tool utilizes a standard Phillips head so that commonly available screwdrivers will also work to attach the implements.

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