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"I grow a very large all organic garden and have always used a rototiller and hand hoe to weed it. This spring I heard good things about the Maxadyne Wheel Hoe from a friend, so I purchased one and am absolutely delighted with the work it saved me - I can weed close to plants and loosen the soil and get into places I could only weed by hand before. Any serious gardener should have one. I only wish I would have had a Maxadyne years ago." LINDA DALE, PEQUOT LAKES, MN.

"The wheel hoe seems to be well made and is very easy to operate. It meets my needs exactly. The only improvement I would make is to add a point that will allow for laying off rows." FROM UNSIGNED PRODUCT EVALUATION FORM (FEMALE OVER 65)

"Very pleased with the hoe." JACK SMITH, ROSEBURG, OR

"I thank you so much." LORENE TINCHER, LOUISVILLE, KY

"The Maxadyne is fantastic. I can even get the kids to do the cultivating. It cuts my garden time to a fraction. And my garden is more attractive all summer long." KAREN BROWNNELL, PINE RIVER, MN


"If you can't afford the $500 REAL Wheel Hoe system, you can still get wheel hoe speed and versatility with the Maxadyne Speeder-Weeder. It has a 9-inch hoe, fully adjustable handlebars, really light weight, and low price. An optional furrowing attachment adds to the price.

The unique shape of the cutting blade allows the operator to push forward smoothly without plowing soil on adjacent vegetables. This machine is very well crafted and an absoute delight to use."

Caption to picture ..."The author uses the Maxadyne Speeder Weeder in his Burlington garden. For low cost, light weight and super fast weeding between rows you can't beat it." BACKYARD MARKET GARDENING BY ANDREW W. LEE, 1993.

"A gas-powered tiller is a wonderfull labor-saver around the garden, but can be a bit hard to handle for light weeding chores. The Maxadyne Wheel Hoe is a great supplement to a tiller, since it can get close to plants without damaging them. This model comes with a weeding attachment that features a self-cleaning, wedge-shaped blade that cuts off the weeds below ground level.

Because the blade has very little surface area, and only displaces the soil upward instead of forward or to the side, it doesn't take much effort to push the hoe down each row. A digging attachment is included." ORGANIC GARDENING, JULY/AUGUST, 1991

"Cutting weeds out of your garden is simple with the Maxadyne Wheel Hoe. Improving a time-proven garden tool concept, the unit features a specially-designed blade that slices though weed roots and loosens soil simultaneously.

The unique blade is designed to be non-clogging and self-cleaning. This allows you to cultivate an entire garden row with a steady forward motion, the company claims. The unit is also said to offer low resistance because you're only moving soil in one direction - up. Rather than pushing soil ahead of the hoe, you're lifting it up when cultivating." FARM INDUSTRY NEWS, JANUARY 1990.

"The Maxadyne Wheel Hoe is manufactured in Pine River, Minnesota. The blade, called a Speeder Weeder is 9 inches wide, V-shaped and attached to the hoe at the point and both ends. It runs from 1/2 to 2 inches under the ground. Designer Alan Johnson says the blade pushes easily and sloughs off weeds. It is designed to be operated without the back and forth movement needed when using the oscillating hoes. There are two [additional] attachments, a Deeper Digger for deep cultivation, and a furrower. The hoe has a smooth, hard plastic one-piece wheel. The handle forks are close together and telescope for height adjustment, but they cannot be offset. The handles are zinc-steel. The entire hoe is rust resistant. The Maxadyne weighs only 10#." ..."In terms of ease of use, the Maxadyne's light weight is a big plus. Less robust gardeners will find it much easier to handle. Its lighter construction might make you think that it won't hold up to the constant use it would get on a large farm, but the company does have that 10-year guarantee on replacement parts." GROWING FOR MARKET, MAY 1992.

Maxadyne Wheelhoe - After a three year search we have settled on this wheelhoe as the best combination of quality and price. LEE VALLEY TOOLS.

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