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Maxadyne Wheel Hoe

MSRP: $219.00
Price: $169.00
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Manufacturer: Maxadyne
This is a tool that can take much of the drudgery out of gardening. The Maxadyne Wheel Hoe certainly is not a "new fangled gadget". The wheel hoe has been around for many generations because it has always been the easiest method of hand powered cultivation.

The Maxadyne Wheel Hoe utilizes all the principles learned through many decades of wheel hoe development. However, the Maxadyne has utilized materials and methods of manufacturing that were not available to the designers of the original wheel hoes.

Five unique features of the Maxadyne Wheel Hoe were patented that make it easier to use, lighter in weight, more durable, and more versatile than the wheel hoes grandma and grandpa used.

The Maxadyne Wheel Hoe looks like a very simple tool, but it was three years in the prototype stage of development. This extensive development effort has resulted in the perfection of a time tested tool. (Well, perhaps near perfection.)

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